Carlex Design Porsche 911 Blue Electric side view

Carlex Design Blue Electric is a Classy Cobalt Porsche 911

Carlex Design Porsche 911 Blue Electric side view

It’s widely known that Porsche offers a whole bunch of options for its new vehicles (and it’s even more widely known that those options cost serious dough). But for some people, Porsche’s options lists don’t go far enough with regard to personalization or exclusivity. A Polish company calling itselfCarlex Design has addressed this problem (if you can call it that) with a very custom 911 called – for what should be obvious reasons – Blue Electric. Yeah, it’s got a body kit that gives it a pseudo-Turbo appearance, but the real story is inside; the cabin is dominated by a mix of black and blue leather and Alcantara, with swaths of aluminum and carbon fiber applied to the dashboard, door panels, seatbacks and other areas. It’s highly unlikely that anyone will mistake this Carlex Design makeover for Stuttgart standard-issue…

Source: Carlex Design

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