Oberdan Bezzi BMW R 1200 AR concept side view 1

BMW R 1200 AR is a Wicked What-If

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As cool and as custom as the recently-released BMW Motorrad R nineT might look, it’s still a factory-built motorcycle. Consequently, it makes numerous concessions to placate BMW’s lawyers and accountants, plus there’s a chance (if only a slight one) that you’ll come across one that’s exactly like yours. But if you were riding the R 1200 AR (as in American Roadster) concept by Oberdan Bezzi seen here, you’d definitely be riding a one-of-a-kind motorbike. It’s part flat-tracker, part scrambler, and all Beemer, right down to the blue and red accent colors. Hopefully these two renderings are all the encouragement the bike-building community needs to make this beaut (or something like it) a reality.

Oberdan Bezzi BMW R 1200 AR concept side view 2

Source: Oberdan Bezzi

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