The Barrel Monster Lives! But NC State Student Arrested for ‘Barrel Art’

Barrel Monster by U Live and You Burn

What some call art, others, like the authorities in North Carolina, call larceny. As a person who got their start in the creative arts I can very much appreciate this ‘sculpture.’ But also as a driver, I find the Barrel Monster is much more effective at directing traffic and providing driving warnings. Maybe when Joseph Carnevale (the NC State student who has been arrested and charged with this ‘crime’) gets free he should go into business mass producing these things.

Barrel Monster by Joseph Carnevale

Carnevale is a self-described “Urban Explorer,” thrill seeker and adventurist who goes by the handle U Live and You Burn. He spends his spare time doing graffiti, making cool barrel art and trespassing into places that look inviting like abandoned buildings, sewer systems and construction sites. He also hops rides on freight trains and has climbed the Brooklyn Bridge. Carnevale does all of these things while taking some really amazing photographs which appear on his blog at Also, you may want to check out an interview with him that the Technician conducted prior to his arrest.¬†Hopefully Carnevale has a quality lawyer to assist with his case. While no one was injured, a personal injury case should be handled by an experienced law firm. A personal injury lawyer San Diego can handle all types of injury cases.

Barrel Monster by Joseph Carnevale

Barrel Monster by Joseph Carnevale

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