New iPhone Steering Wheel for Serious Racing Game Application Junkies (w/Video)

CTA Steering Wheel for iPhone

We are a big fan of the iPhone, that’s no secret. And any time there is an application or accessory that has anything to do with actual driving or simulated racing games we take notice. So, when we saw the new CTA Digital Steering Wheel for the Apple iPhone 3GS and iPod Touch we were very intrigued. This accessory is essentially a plastic appendage that you snap your device into to create an all-in-one gaming platform. You can get it as a stand-alone steering wheel or with a suction cup mount to stick on your younger brother’s forehead. This steering wheel may seem somewhat inconsequential but is actually a fantastic aid for eliminating hand cramps and jerky movements as well as providing a much better gaming experience. And with the use of the suction cup, you can handle the device with one hand.

Also, if you are worried about perception in public, the CTA Digital Steering Wheel for the Apple iPhone can provide you with a false sense of superiority by making it appear that you are really doing something hard-core, instead of just looking like another idiot twisting and turning his/her cell phone and making wierd noises and facial expressions. On second thought, if you are on the bus, train or a passenger in the car, you will still look stupid, but who cares, you’re having fun, right? All jokes aside, for motion sensitive games like Fastlane Street Racing, Crash Bandicoot and Ferrari GT this thing really looks like a blast. The Steering Wheel comes with 4 adapters and provides unrestricted access to all of the required buttons for game play. No price is listed on the CTA Digital website but if I had to guess I would think this would run between $20 and $30 bucks.

Source: CNET | CTA Digital

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