Angry Car Designer Renders Ferrari 612 GTO Concept

Ferrari 612 GTO By Sasha Selipanov

Design studies are nothing new in the auto world. We see them all the time in various form and fashion. But when it comes to Ferrari, somehow more than any other brand, there is a special fervor for the fantastical. The Challenge, XX, Spider, Scuderia, GTO and GTS treatment has been applied to any number of models for which it was never destined. As such, the result has often been less than stellar. But every now and then a rendering comes along that blows us away. 

The Angry Car Designer, aka Sasha Selipanov, has taken the Ferrari 612 Scaglietti and given it the GTO mojo and then some. Fresh on the heels of the real-life 599 GTO being revealed, this German visionary has somehow managed to meld a bit of the Ferrari 458 Italia styling and Aston Martin One-77 bodywork with a dash of Alfa Romeo 8C rear end, rounded off with some flavor from the original 250 GTO. And even with so much going on, the result is extraordinary. Check out the full image gallery of the Ferrari 612 GTO concept in various colors and backdrops after the jump…

Source: Angry Car Designer

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