Anderson Germany Returns to the Darkside with Audi R8 V10 Hyper Black Edition

Anderson Germany Audi R8 Hyperblack Edition

There have been oodles and oodles of tuning programs aimed at the Audi R8. Even though many have fallen flat, the sheer brilliance of the base model gives them a wide margin to flounder as well as the beneift of the doubt. Anderson Germany, however, has managed to actually raise the bar — both visual and performance — with their Hyper Black edition of the Audi R8 V10. (And we expected nothing less after witnessing last year’s Audi R8 V10 Racing Edition).

The company starts at the heart of the R8, its 5.2-liter FSI engine, good for a conservative 525hp. Using a Rennkats exhaust system, some ECU tweaks and a revised air filter bumps output up to 589hp. Speaking of the exhaust system, which actually shaves 22kg of weight, a remote controlled valve system allows the driver to choose 3 different levels of sound.

Anderson Germany Audi R8 Hyperblack Edition

The car’s stunning appearance is at least partially due to multiple coats of black mirror finish paint which gives the car its worthy name, Hyper Black. The carbon-coated 19-inch rims don the same color with the edges finished in Racing Orange, as are the brake calipers. Of course, the ubiquitous carbon-fiber parts bin has been raided and includes coverings for the window frames, front spoiler lip, rear spoiler, rear diffuser and mirrors. To complete the look, the windows are tinted along with the rear lights.

Anderson Germany Audi R8 Hyperblack Edition

Inside, the Anderson Germany Hyper Black Audi R8 gets a carbon interior package which includes matt black leather, handbrake lever, radio visor, ashtray, seat adjustment handles, door panels, shifter and around- the- center console. There is even a splash of carbon fiber on the sports steering wheel. To brighten things up a bit and provide some spice, orange Alcantara is used as an accent throughout. 

Source: Anderson Germany

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