BMW roadsters then and now

Al Fresco Anthology: XCar Charts the Evolution of BMW Roadsters [Video]

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AlthoughBMWhas primarily backed up its claim of being “The Ultimate Driving Machine” withsport sedans and coupesgreat and small, the company has also made more than its share of open-toproadsters. From the spry pre-WWII328to the refined, turbochargedZ4of today, there’s no denying that this esteemed German nameplate knows its way around two-seat droptops.

And in an effort to understand how theBMWroadstersof old shaped (both literally and figuratively) the ones that followed,XCar’sAlex GoyandDrew Stearnegathered six examples of the species at theCastle Combe Circuitin England. And while they did struggle a bit to pick a winner (not that there were any real losers, in our opinion), eventually they arrive at a decision with which we wholeheartedly agree. We’re just annoyed that we don’t have enough nonessential organs we could sell to afford a507

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