Akrapovic Full Moon side view

Akrapovic Full Moon is a Bewitching Business Card

Akrapovic Full Moon side view

As one of Europe’s (if not the world’s) preeminent manufacturers of aftermarket car and motorcycle exhaust systems, Akrapovic doesn’t really need to promote itself with custom vehicle builds featuring its products all that often. However, when it does undertake such a project, you just know the result is going to be first rate. Such is the case with the radical motorcycle you see here.

Called the Akrapovic Full Moon, this smooth and swoopy chopper is an evolution of sorts of the Akrapovic Morsus of three years ago. And like the Morsus, the Full Moon was built by the folks at Dreamachine, a custom motorcycle building shop that, like Akrapovic, is located in Slovenia. In addition to the curvaceous rear bodywork, ultra-low handlebars and a pair of mufflers from (Duh!) Akrapovic, this radical ride features an immense 30” aluminum and carbon fiber front wheel and a 1,524cc Knucklehead V-twin from S&S. Plus the suspension system is fully hydraulic, and there’s a stabilizer system that allows the motorcycleto remain upright when parked without a kickstand. The Full Moon might not be everyone’s taste in choppers, but there’s no denying it was800 or so man hours well spent.

Source: Akrapovic

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