Advantages and Disadvantages of High-Intensity Discharge Lights

Regular headlights sometimes get old, sometimes lose their functionality and sometimes we just want to make some changes on our vehicle. What’s the best way to choose Hid Kit? Let’s talk a further look.

Advantages of Hid Kit

  • One of the biggest advantages of High-Intensity Discharge headlights is their color. Their blue light is close to natural daylight, so they provide better visibility. They are more natural than halogen bulbs.
  • An HID Kit is also a superior lighting technology. It has gas instead of a filament inside its bulb which makes it more powerful than that the halogen bulb. Such feature also gives that nice blue color to HID kits.
  • This type of lighting has a very high color temperature. The lower the color temperature becomes, the more yellow the coloration is. That is the explanation why an HID kit gives you a white-colored light with a tint of blue.
  • The duration of a typically hid kit is about 2500 hours, which is usually good. One more advantage is that once the Xenon HID conversion kit is installed, you can go back to the original halogen bulbs. The kit can be easily removed so if you are not satisfied with kits you can put back original halogen bulbs.
  • The basic standard components which are required for the kit installation are two ballasts with built-in igniters, two xenon high-intensity discharge bulbs, two ballast holders, zip ties and screws for installation, two fuses and installation instructions. The installation is very simple can do it yourself. It takes only about 30 minutes.
  • Also, an HID kit should not void your cars insurance.
  • A lot of people talk about the kit’s legality. Every country has some law and regulations about automotive lighting. But, in general, most Xenon HID lighting systems are approved.

Some of the best hid kits are:


6000k Xenon Hid Kits

10000k Xenon Hid Kits

12000k Xenon Hid Kits

Disadvantages of Hid Kit

  • Some people find these kinds of lights very irritating. In some weather conditions, they do not perform very well. One of many examples is fog. Blue light tends to be scattered more by water droplets, so with an hid kit, more light is reflected back to the driver. It makes very hard to see, and that is the moment when you need the most visibility.
  • One more disadvantage is related to a nighttime drive. HID headlights feature a beam that sharply cuts off rather than fading out gradually. Some drivers say this can take some getting used to.
  • Another biggest disadvantage is the price. HID headlights are expensive. They are expensive when you buy them, and even more when you have to replace them. That also affects the insurance premium.
  • Hid Kit also has a short duration. It lasts only about 6 months. Standard halogen bulbs work with the standard 12-Volt electricity that our cars and motorcycles provide, but HID bulbs require much higher voltage and more volts to keep running. For this reason, a power transformer is required to transform and regulate the voltage, so the xenon HID bulb will ignite and operate. Without the transformer, the xenon HID bulb will not operate.

Now, that you already know about all the advantages and disadvantages of High-Intensity Discharge, you can decide on whether to use or not, if you want more informations, see the site: to find more. You can also try HIDs for some time and just go back for regular ones if you do not find it amazing.

Bottom Line

The most important thing is to have functional and regular headlights which will provide you safety and long term usability on the road.

You can prefer modern and new functionality, or you can stay with technology that is proven.

Have a nice bright and safe trip!

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