Fastest Jaguar Ever to Debut at 2009 Goodwood Festival of Speed

2010 Jaguar XFR Goodwood Special

Once a year, the Goodwood Festival of Speed rolls around to showcase some of the most diverse cars in motorsports. The 2009 event, like all others, takes place just outside the Goodwood House in the UK from July 3rd to 5th. Special vehicles from many of the top auto manufacturers will be in attendance. This year, the 2010 Jaguar XKR Prototype, code name “Goodwood Special‘ will make its debut. This one-off variation of the company’s super fast XFR will be even quicker than before.

The Goodwood Special XKR is based on the model year 2010 vehicle but received a performance makeover along with a louder exhaust system. The base 2010 XKR Coupe has an Eaton supercharger which pushes horsepower up to 420 and propels the car from 0-60 in 4.9 seconds. So, it will be interesting to see what engine mods were performed. What we do know is that the ride height was lowered and the car fitted with bigger 21 inch wheels. In addition, a unique Lime Green paint scheme was applied along with XKR graphics on the sides.

Also in attendance at the 2009 Goodwood Festival of Speed will be the Bonneville XFR that reached a top speed of 225.675 mph last November when it ran the legendary Bonneville Salt Flats in Utah. It will be joined by a 1957 Long Nose D-Type, LeMans Jaguar C-Type and one-of-a-kind Jaguar XJ13. Hopefully, there will be some video available of the Jaguar XKR Goodwood Special during or after the event.

Source: Jaguar | Goodwood Festival of Speed

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