2009 Chicago Auto Show: Lexus Expands Its F-Sport Performance Accessory Offering

Lexus F-Sport Accessories

As tuning becomes more and more prevalent with the huge push towards performance and personalization, car manufacturers are starting to really take notice. Toyota has been ahead of the game from day one with their Scion division and they have an absolutely amazing inventory of aftermarket accessories available. Toyota Racing Development (TRD) has also done a teriific job of outfitting many different models with performance and aesthetic modifications. Now, that trend has finally made its way up to the Lexus brand with the new F-Sport performance accessory line.

Lexus F-Sport Accessories

The 2009 Chicago Auto Show provided a nice venue for Lexus to announce the extension of this new lineup to include the current generation GS luxury sport sedan, the IS all-wheel drive (AWD) and the new IS C convertible. Available options include 18 and 19 inch forged alloy wheels, front and rear brake systems, shock absorber sets, lowering springs, sway bar sets, chassis braces, performance exhaust systems, air intakes, carbon fiber engine covers, performance clutch sets, quick shifters, shift knobs, and of course, floor mats. The new Lexus F-Sport offering is comprehensive and extremely seductive. We are looking forward to seeing this product lineup grow and morph as new demands in the marketplace take shape.

Source: Lexus

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